Two Fort Bridger issues address by county at July 2 workshop

Barney Brisko, county road foreman, and Mary Sue Erickson look over maps and layouts of a Fort Bridger concerning a closing of an alley in Fort Bridger. HERALD PHOTO/Kayne Pyatt

EVANSTON — Mary Sue Erickson of Fort Bridger was first to speak to the Uinta County Commissioners at their work session on Tuesday, July 2 at 10:45 a.m.

Erickson had been to a previous meeting with the Commission and was returning to see what they had decided about vacating the alley between her home in Fort Bridger and Dave Dyer’s property, the Cash Store. Erickson had concerns about the possible decision to vacate the alley as she claimed that it would deprive her of good access to her garage if it were divided down the center. She also had complaints about the noise and lack of privacy due to the Cash Store’s parties and customers.

Erickson told the Commissioners that she had put up a high fence on her property line like she was asked to do but could not go around the huge willow tree as it is right on her property line and she didn’t want to dig post holes into the roots. She was angry that Dyer had cut off many of the branches on her tree, and she hopes that it hadn’t completely destroyed it.

Commissioner Eric South asked, “What are we to do today?”

Erickson replied, “I want to know if you plan to vacate the alley. He is supposed to maintain a barrier between our property, and he isn’t doing it. They even removed the rocks I had under my garage to keep the animals out. The west side of my garage is really close on the property line. When he has parties the people come onto my property.”

County Planner Kent Williams was in attendance and said, “If you think he is damaging your property then that is a civil matter between the two of you and you can pursue it legally and he can do the same.”

Williams and the Commissioners assured Erickson that they are no plans to vacate the alley at this time, and if that decision changed she would be notified.

Chad Stevens owner of the Wagon Wheel Motel property in Fort Bridger was next on the work session agenda. Stevens came to inform the Commission as to the renovation of the property and to ask for permission to use the small triangle piece of county owned property within his section. The county property contains an artesian well and Stevens wants to put a concrete slab next to it with a statue of Chief Washakie on it and make a wishing well from the artesian water.


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