Uinta County GOP – 3 for county clerk and 3 resolutions

EVANSTON — The Uinta County GOP met July 28, to name three candidates for the open county clerk and passed three resolutions, which Karl Allred, chair of the county party, was to distribute to the county’s legislative representatives.

Amanda Hutchinson was named by the commission to finish Wilcox’s term at the commission meeting last week in Evanston.

One tax resolution is against tax increase. The resolution also notes “Wyoming and its people have long valued Liberty, self-reliance and conservative values” from the national, state and county levels with platforms and resolutions for fiscal conservatism. It also sites the “unprecedented growth “ in Wyoming government

The second tax resolution addresses a proposed gross receipt tax, The resolution cites the Interim Revenue Committee of the Wyoming Legislature’s vote of 11-3 in favor of the gross tax receipt on Wyoming business and notes the tax will be “inimical to economic recovery and job growth.” The resolution cites the tax as “akin to a business income tax inherently inequitable to businesses, is passed on to consumers.

The third resolution cites a social change, which is becoming more rampant in Wyoming and across the nation. The SOGI resolution is set to protect the rights of all citizens.

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