Uinta County "Seeking solutions for people in crisis"

Meeting attendees from various fields attended the suicide prevention meeting in Evanston on Wednesday, Nov. 13. PIONEER PHOTO/Anjoli Mosier

UINTA COUNTY — Concerned citizens from Uinta County met Wednesday in Evanston to discussion things the community can do in the face of suicides in the county.

The meeting Wednesday night addressed the challenges and what solutions can be found to combat those challenges of suicide, and provide immediate crisis and post-vention needs.

Representatives in health care, mental health, the school districts, law enforcement and others attended the meeting. There were multiple responses around the room as the 62 people in attendance gave voice the their thoughts, including that many people involved in crisis prevention had no knowledge there was even a task force to reach out to for support until the recent crises and subsequent action was taken when the organizations were brought together.

Participants agreed crisis training needed held throughout the county, information on what help is available has to be easily accessible and people have to be made aware it is there through continuous meetings and awareness campaigns.

Attendees also agreed solutions such as survivor celebration and discussion on recovery would be a way to mentor others in crisis and let them know they aren't alone. This can include survivor informed care, early education on mental health and combining the resources of the entities represented to have a unified approach on prevention.


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