Uinta Veterinary hosted annual Cattleman’s Dinner

Pictured are some of the Bridger Valley area ranchers who attended the cattleman’s dinner at the Heritage Barn. PIONEER PHOTOS/Jenny Martin

LYMAN — Uinta Veterinary hosted their annual Cattleman’s Dinner last week at the Heritage Barn in Lyman.

Ben Osborne, the owner of Uinta Veterinary Hospital opened the presentation. Then Jerimyah Johnson, one of the veterinarians – a 2019 graduate from Washington State – talked about Ultra sound technology, and Osborne talked about record keeping and the Economics of Ultra Sound Pregnancy Testing.

Johnson discussed what ultra sounds can show when used in diagnosing cow pregnancy such as: the sex, age, placentomes, if there are twins, or a uterine infection. He also discussed some of the advantages of using an ultrasound. For example, it can give an immediate diagnosis, it can provide a pregnancy diagnosis as early as 35 day, it can show fetal aging, fetal viability, twins and the sex of the calf.


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