“United in Purpose,” Uinta County Fair backdrop for excellence

EVANSTON — The livestock sale last Friday at the 2018 Uinta County Fair proved to be the backdrop for quality animals as the exhibitors paraded their projects for the large crowd of buyers.

The buyers showered top dollars on the quality animals as they bid on the animals exhibitors had preened and trained all summer. The top dollars went to the animals, which had taken the top prizes in the show ring during the week.

Friday’s action was a winding down of the fair with fewer activities and people strolling the area. The halls were open to showcase the home improvement, photos, artwork, flowers and many other projects. There was a time for kids as they competed in the games, tried to walk on stilts, as they posed for pictures or competed in the games at the Wild West Fun Park or took a walk in the water bubbles. The top draw of the day was the livestock sale Friday evening, which stretched into the hours of the night.

Saturday was the denouement of the 2017 Uinta County Fair as the curtain was drawing down on the fair. The day also included activities like the Round Robin Showmanship contest, the catch-it-calf contest, the exhibit halls, little kids’ sheep leads, the children’s pet show and more.

During the livestock sale Friday night, auctioneer Bryce Westlake kept up a constant drone while exhibitors were in the show ring waiting for the spotters to claim a bid flashed with a numbered card. Westlake, of the Riverton Livestock Market, has been sharing his auctioneer talent at the Uinta County Fair for many years. Throughout the auction, the dollars rolled out in bids from the pockets of the buyers to the pockets of the exhibitors. The final bid for the exhibitors was the reward for a long season of work and dedication to their projects.

This year Bridger Valley again took many top prizes. Valley 4-H members again captured both the grand champion and reserve champion market beef. The Grand Champion steer, at 1,362 pounds was shown by Ailee Bugas and brought a bid of $6,100. The Reserve Champion steer, at 1,303 pounds, was shown by Kelsey Giorgis and brought a bid of $5,750.  



Ailee Bugas earned the Grand Champion beef project at the 2018 Uinta County Fair in Evanston. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

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