Vandals hit Lyman City Cemetery

This picture is from the Lyman Cemetery and shows the decoration behind the grave which is no longer there. COURTESY PHOTO/John Hewitt

LYMAN — Vandals have targeted the Lyman City Cemetery and the grave decoration in the photo is one of the items that has been stolen.

According to John Hewitt, he talked to the police and they indicated that other people had experienced the same thing. Hewitt is asking whoever had borrowed the grave ornament to return it, or for anyone with information to call 307-747-6359.

Another Lyman resident posted on Bridger Valley Classifieds a warning urging everyone to “Lock all vehicles, house and everything else! The other day I read a post about multiple vehicle break-ins near Mountain View.”  

She went on to add, she and her fiancé were outdoors at their place turning the water off and letting their dogs outside. She posted, “This car turned up our road and then in our driveway. We were standing in our backyard with flashlights. They got a ways in and then spotted us and stopped and slowly turned around and continued to drive back up our road very slowly. We live on West Willow the road between Lyman Maverick and the car wash. Didn't see a color but looked like a late model crossover. Be safe!”

The Pioneer tried to contact the Lyman Police Department Monday, but there was no answer. Later a call on Tuesday was answered and information was left as to what was being questioned, however, no information was received in a PR or a returned phone call.


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