Veterans Freedom Festival– a day to celebrate USA and military veterans

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Slated as the largest Veterans’ festival in Wyoming, the one Saturday at the Mountain View Town Park lived up to its hype.

A large crowd turned out, and according to Gina Tims of the Mountain View council, this year was the biggest festival of any of the ones held in Mountain View. The festival was coupled with a car show and many cars were parked in and around the town park. It was estimated there were about 115 vehicles on tap for the car show.

The aroma of the free breakfast, hosted by the Town of Mountain View, tantalized and drew participants to take a seat at the pavillion and enjoy the biscuits and gravy served with scrambled eggs. For those waiting in line to pick up their plates and watching those seated at the tables, it was apparent people were having a good time amongst the laughter and talk.

The park was awash in red, whit and blue with flags dotting the landscape. They waved back-and-forth in the gentle breeze under a combined cloudy-smoky sky. The day started a little cooler, following the rain from the night before.

The opening ceremony was held at the flagpole at 10 a.m. and started with an honor guard of American Legion Post 36 and VFW Post 7798 vets. During the ceremony, the men provided a 21-gun salute as Boy Scout Troops 32 and 34 of Lyman unfolded the flag, placed it on the rope and hoisted it to the top to wave in the gentle breeze.

The overall feel of the celebration was summed up by VFW spokesman and event emcee Owen Peterson when he said, “We live in the best country in the world.”

During the opening ceremony, Colon E. Steven Alkire, Deputy HRO 94th Command Commander of the Wyoming National Guard, spoke of the difficulties a family with two active service people endured while they served in the military. Alkire, who serves as a recruiter, has served in Hawaii, Thailand and Iraq. His comment in referring to marriage and outside interests was, “the mission comes first,” having priority over all other issues.

Pictured is Staff Sgt. Shawn Todd and his wife Lisa. Todd was one of the guest speakers, at the Veterans Freedom Festival last week in Mountain View.  PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis


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