Voter turnout for General huge, no surprises on local offices

Pictured are two of the Valley residents voting at the Lyman Town Hall Tuesday morning in the general election. Election judges at the town hall said there had been a lot of voters voting early Tuesday morning. PIONEER PHOTO/Virginia Giorgis

LYMAN — Nationally a record turnout hit the polls both at the polls and by absentee ballots for the 2018 mid-term election, according to reports.

This carried over into the local polls in Bridger Valley and the County according to election judges after they counted and coordinated their ballot counts.

There are 10 precincts in Uinta County, and there was a 72.86 percent voter turnout. The county has 9,208 registered voters, which pushed the number of ballots cast in the county at 6,709. Of these, 4,802 were on election day, and 1,907 were absentee ballots. Voter turn out in Uinta County was up 14 percent over the 2014 midterms.

This follows on the heels of the largest primary ever in August for voter turnout in Wyoming.

Uinta County followed the rest of the state in voting for its congressional representative and for the state offices. The state gave the nod to retain Senator John Barrasso and U. S. Representative Liz Cheney, both Republicans. National media had given the Barrasso a two-thirds majority over his challenger, beating Democratic businessman Gary Trauner early Tuesday evening. In fact, last week the Casper Star Tribune endorsed Barrasso to represent Wyoming. The Star-Tribune said Trauner had some good ideas, but the change in position wouldn’t be beneficial to Wyoming as Barrasso has developed a leadership position in Washington and his voice would be more powerful on Wyoming issues.

As for Cheney, she announced Wednesday, her candidacy for the House GOP Conference Chair as she said “…I know we can and must prevail, and I want to lead the effort to build a new and effective House GOP communications operation.”

Following are offices important on the local and state level:

Senate District 15:  

Wendy Schuler R, 4,947 votes with165 write ins. Schuler ran unopposed but was challenged in the primary. This position was formerly held by Paul Barnard who didn’t seek reelection.

House District 19

Danny Eyre R , 2,648 with 83 write ins. He was unopposed, but was challenged in the primary.

Of prime importance for Uinta County residents were the two seats up on the county commission. Newcomer and Evanston area businessman, Mark Anderson, R, was the top vote getter with 3,569 votes, Incumbent Eric South, R, was second with 3,544. Democrat Dave Tanner was third with 2,227.

In this race there were also 669 write in votes.

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