MVHS Buffs shut out Bobcats in first playoff game

MVHS Buff Colby Rees has been a momentum o the field this year during the Buffs games. He is shown here setting up a power play against a Thermopolis Bobcat in the playoff game last Friday at Mountain View. GAZETTE PHOTO/Theresa Davis

MOUNTAIN VIEW — It was a good day for football, and a good day for a win as the MVHS Buffs shut out and stomped the Thermopolis Bobcats in the first play off game on their march to try to nail their second consecutive state championship.

Last week’s rout, 41-0, was like icing on the cake following a season in which the Buffs suffered a fluke in their opening game against 1A Cokeville. Since then, the game time has belonged to the Mountain View Buffs. Preseason coverage and speculation put the Buffs in the position they are now, moving thorough the post season playoffs to take a shot at the win at UW next week. Early speculation also put the Buffs up against Buffalo, who were dropped from 3A to 2A.

This week Mountain View again hosts the playoff game as they take on Glenrock at 2 p.m. today. The Glenrock Herders come into the fray with a 7-2 record versus the Buffs 8-1. The east play off game is between Wheatland and Buffalo at Buffalo.

It wasn’t a one-man game, but one player, Briggin Bluemel was a power that couldn’t be stopped as he started the score in the first and carried the ball in for five touchdowns during the game. Kimball Madsen also raced for 59 yards to carry the ball in for a touchdown in the third quarter.

The Buffs not only beat the Bobcats on the scoreboard, they also walked all over the Bobcats in the stats. The yardage the Buffs turned in outpaced the Bobcats as the offense worked together for the win.

And as for the defense, the Buffs held the Bobcats back. The Bobcats could move up the field, but they couldn’t overpower the Buffs and make it into the end zone. Colby Rees, a senior, has had an incredible year according to head coach Brent Walk earlier this year. Rees was just named to the Casper Star Tribune’s Wyoming Super 25 football team, which honors the best players in all classes in the state.

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