Valley sends 5 to impact 2018 Shrine Bowl

BRIDGER VALLEY — The Valley just keeps being football tough and select individuals were picked to help the South Team at the annual Shrine Bowl in Casper to try to collar the win over the North.

This year the Valley has five individuals who will help make the difference. Cody Peacock of Lyman will serve as one of the assistant coaches under head coach McKay Young of Star Valley. Head coaches are selected through a process of nominating and voting from their peers. The head coach then selects his assistant coaches.

The north is 8-1-1 vx. The South in the last 10 games. One unusual factor in this year’s game is this is the first time since 1960 that no payer from Campbell County High School has been selected to play in the game.

The South’s first play from scrimmage in 2017 went for 56 yards when Mountain View quarterback Dane Covington found Douglas’ Gage Pitt across the middle for 56 yards. Covington and Pitt connected again three plays later for an 11-yard touchdown.

But this year’s teams can consider the field a blank tape as they head out to face their opponents.

Three of the Purple and White gang from Mountain View – Jason Stoddard, Trevon Peterson and Johathan Anderson – will be on hand for the 45th annual Shrine Bowl game on in Casper tomorrow, June 9. These three led the Buffalos to the Class 2A state championship last fall.

One other Uinta County player, Blake Overy, normally dressed in red for the Evanston Red Devils will also don the colors of the South team.

In addition to these players representing Southwest Wyoming, Chance Hofer of Green River, normally dressed in green and white, will be on the field for the South Team. Hofer led the Wolves to the state semifinals as the starting quarterback in both his junior and senior years.

At tomorrow’s Shrine Game, the tides will turn, and normally adversaries on the field, these players will have one unified goal – for the South to beat the North.

The game’s kick off will be at the Natrona County High School football field at 2 p.m.

The teams reported to Casper last Saturday, June 2. The teams visited the Intermountain Shrine Hospital at Salt Lake City this week and were back in Casper for practice and the Shrine Game tomorrow.


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